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Follow them! Each one will take you to the websites that best suit their character and their role in the novel. As for the author, they found me.

She looks like a very beautiful woman and claims to be an Electronic Agent, of the same kind as those Pattie Maes projected among the many wonders of MIT Media Lab.But this Lady is very ironical, so probably she's not at all what she pretends to be. To have more clues about what she really is, surf on the sea of cyberfemimisn with Donna Haraway. Otherwise, look into the magic Ecosphere.
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Nineteen years of age, curly hair, emigrated to Italy from Tunisia, he is an illegal immigrant who is so clandestine that he is not even sure of who his parents are. He knows just one thing for sure: sooner or later he'll become a chef, famous for his Recipes from the Mediterranean.

Thirty-six years of age, canary yellow (bleached) hair, he's a skilled surgeon that links you directly with the International Confederation for Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery. But being a bit perverse he'll also want to show you many (terrific) photos of the Visible Human Body (from U.S. National Library of Medicine). I wouldn't trust him too much.

Ugo's younger sister hates him. She, an electronics genius with a well established software business, would like to have a stainless body like the sexy robots by Hajime Sorayama, but after all she's sentimental like the icons and the Japanese manga style gadgets that you can download from the cute site of Giniko-chan.

Sandrina's programmer, employee and boyfriend, Marco has a problem: he often gets caught in role games (take a look to Lumen et umbra , a very Italian role game): he goes on for ages playing the knight or the prince all by himself... To put him back in order he needs an invitation for something strong. Try the RoboCup, the World Soccer Championship for robots.

She's got a long, thick pigtail and lots of piercing. Listen to her and she'll check out a load of webgirls, the Italian Women on the Net. But if she gets angry, she can dump you in the website of Guerrilla Girls, and then you boys are really in deep shit. Watch out!